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    DRS Wheel Block System

    Our wheel block system is a versatile travel wheel system that can be integrated with our many AC or DC gear motor drive options.

    Eight finely graded sizes with load capacities of up to 40 tonnes per wheel provide the right wheel block for every application.

    Identical mounting dimensions as the following Demag wheel blocks:

    DRS 112 to 200 (load capacity from 2.75 to 10 t)
    DRS 250 to 500 (load capacity from 16 to 40 t)

    A large selection of travel wheels and special wheel designs enable them to be adapted to almost any travel rails and operating conditions.

    Cost-effective and ready to install. Further strengths:

    • high performance range and maximum load capacity
    • many travel wheel shapes as standard as well as customer-specific designs
    • 4 variants for connection to the customer's superstructure
    • high-quality housing with optimum protection of the travel wheels and bearings
    • high rigidity
    • direct connection of optional accessories


    Exact configuration

    • 8 sizes with load capacities per wheel from 2.75 tonnes to 40 tonnes
    • Wheels of various shapes and designs – made of spheroidal-graphite cast iron (GGG 70),or Hydropur tires
    • Guided on both sides by flanges for rail systems
    • Wheels without any flanges, optionally fitted with lateral guide rollers, also with concave shape or contour to customer specifications
    • Wheels guided by a flange on one side for units running at floor level
    • Larger diameter wheels without a flange for increased ground clearance
    • Wheels of prismatic, trapezoidal or concave shape for guided applications
    • Flangeless wheels with a Hydropur tire for high acceleration & quiet running characteristics

    Many connection variants

    • Prepared mounting surfaces for virtually any connection: from top and end connection arrangements with bolted and welded connection elements, to side and pin connection arrangements
    • K: Top connection
    • B: Pin connection
    • E: End connection
    • W: Side connection

    Optimum design support

    • Optimum support for project engineering and design work – e.g. with CAD files in various formats


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