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  • The S Series Spring Brake is a DC brake . The purpose of the brake is to determine the arrest of the rotational movement of a mechanical shaft. For this purpose, the correct functioning of the brake is only guaranteed by following the instructions given on the page “Choice of the brake”.
    Main features of the S brake are:
    • Extremely robust structure;
    • Maximum silence in interventions and operation (<70 dB in accordance with directive 98/37 / EEC);
    • High braking torque;
    • Excellent heat dissipation. The fan also acts as a braking disc with the advantage of dissipating the heat that forms during braking, limiting the wear of the friction material to a minimum;
    • The coil of the electromagnet is completely cemented with epoxy resin, unless different constructive criteria, and the mechanical parts are protected by zinc plating;
    • Wide range of use. The brake can in fact be used in any application with a standard motor without the use of particular equipment or special parts. Furthermore, the brake can work in any position. Strong limitations in use are instead present with single-phase motors for which it is necessary to contact our. technical office for the necessary clarifications. The parts of the brake subject to rotation are balanced by Temporiti Srl. The total balancing of the motor / brake rotating parts is the responsibility of the final manufacturer;
    • cCSAus n ° 70043342

    The excitation and de-excitation times, as well as the functionality in insulation class F and functional S1, with ventilation , are guaranteed only with the use of rectifiers produced by Temporiti Srl, for all the DC brakes referred to in this site, and if the rated voltage remains within the functional tolerance limits of the electric coil .


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