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    Double Flange

    Double Flange Crane Wheels

    Diameters - 120 thru 500mm (4.72 thru 20 inches)

    Plain or precision geared

    High strength ductile iron castings

    CNC machined to ensure consistent and accurate tolerances

    Deep grooved, shielded bearings for long life


    DF120    120mm (4.72") diameter   Max wheel load 2932 kg (6465 lbs)

    DF200    200mm (7.87") diameter   Max wheel load 5767 kg (12716 lbs)

    DF320    320mm (12.60") diameter   Max wheel load 10420 kg (22976 lbs)

    DF500    500mm (19.69") diameter   Max wheel load 14822 kg (32683 lbs)

    3D Models upon request


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