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Gear Motors

Gear Motors


VL Motion Systems has been supplying geared motors for many years. We provide products of the highest quality with focus on flexible solutions, reliability and customer understanding...

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Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers


Compact, and yet extremely powerful, are the units of the 300 series. Their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all the severe duty applications where shock loadings and impacts are more the rule than the exception...

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Electric Brakes

Electric Brakes


It has been designed to stop
rotational movement of the
machine shaft. However the
user must ensure that the
brake is sized accordingly.
Please contact our office for
technical application

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Valve Actuators

Valve Actuators


We offer scalable, customized valve actuation solutions in the Canadian market place through Alltork Actuation a division of VL Motion Systems Inc. Our product range includes a vast array of Electric, Manual and Pneumatic actuators...

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Gearmotor - Helical Shaftmount Gear Motors and Reducers

Gearmotor - Helical Shaftmount Gear Motors and Reducers

Motor power ranges from 0.04 to 100 HP

Nine gearbox sizes

Torque capacities from 115 to 165,800 lbf-in

Output speed range from 0.16 to 225rpm

Multiple shaft options with foot or flange mounting


Available options include:

  • enhanced corrosion protection to IP66
  • brakes
  • backstops
  • encoders
  • special motor winding designs
  • external blowers for full torque at rotor standstill
  • integral inverters
  • stainless steel output shafts


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