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Gear Motors

Gear Motors


VL Motion Systems has been supplying geared motors for many years. We provide products of the highest quality with focus on flexible solutions, reliability and customer understanding...

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Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers


Compact, and yet extremely powerful, are the units of the 300 series. Their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all the severe duty applications where shock loadings and impacts are more the rule than the exception...

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Electric Brakes

Electric Brakes


It has been designed to stop
rotational movement of the
machine shaft. However the
user must ensure that the
brake is sized accordingly.
Please contact our office for
technical application

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Valve Actuators

Valve Actuators


We offer scalable, customized valve actuation solutions in the Canadian market place through Alltork Actuation a division of VL Motion Systems Inc. Our product range includes a vast array of Electric, Manual and Pneumatic actuators...

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Customised Valve Mounting Kits

Customised Valve Mounting Kits

Mounting Kits & Mounting Accessories

We are able to design and fabricate mounting kits, shaft couplers or stem extensions to suit your requirements. In addition we have an assembly facility to mount actuators onto your valves.

Please contact us with your needs.


Our products are designed and fabricated incompliance with keeping safety and ease of installation in mind. Our engineers design products so that they will work in the most extreme of conditions without fail.

All of our standard kits consist of a bracket, coupler and fasteners. The standard kits are available in Carbon steel and Stainless steel. Also custom designs may require specialized materials which we are capable of supplying. The Carbon steel standard kits can be painted any colour with industrial grade rust resistant paint or have them powder coated to any colour.

Some of our product lines include:

Standard Mounting Kits: Link Valve to Actuator – Mounting from 4”-72” Butterfly Valves, ½”-10” Ball Valves, etc. to Pneumatic, Electric Actuators.

Limit Switch/Positioner Kits: Accessory mounting bracket and coupler specifically designed to be lightweight to mount a switch or positioner to an Actuator. Also unique mounting of switches for Knife Gate Valves.

Stem Extensions: Using a Torque Tube design which consists of and outer tubular bracket and an inner drive tube. Lengths can range from 4 inches up to 30-feet or more.

3-Way Linkage Assembly: Operating two Valves with one Actuator assembled on a “tee” with a mechanical linkage.

Valve Handle Kits: Extended height of Valve Handles for insulation clearance, Custom kits for Valve lockout, Chain and Lever Handle Kits for remote operation.

Gear Operator and Hand-Wheel Extensions: Extension of shaft to operate Hand-Wheels at a specific distance.

Manual Over-Ride Kit: Modified mounting kit to allow for manual operation of Valve when required.

Lock-Out Mounting Kits: Incorporates a pin to go through coupler and bracket to prevent Valve from opening or closing.

Custom Accessories: Travel stops, clevis’s, Specialized shaft machining, etc.

Custom Mounting Kits: Have a custom bracket and coupler designed for a specific application.

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